Fundraiser Cards

Fundraiser Cards

Available Options

  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Variable Pin or Barcode
  • Finish: Gloss or Matte
  • Scratch-off Panel
  • Signature Panel
  • Magnetic Strip: Hi-Co or Low-Co
  • Human Readable Numbers or Not
  • Hole or Slot Punch

Plastic Fundraising Cards are the best way to raise money for your organization. Plastic Fundraiser Cards don’t spoil, they don’t take up all the room in your garage, and they are often highly sought after by those that purchase them. A custom printed Fundraiser Card can include all the participants that you can recruit into your program. We can supply you with a copy of a general merchant agreement contract to gather your participant’s information.

Fundraising Cards are a great way to raise money for different school sports. Fundraising Cards are easy to sell because everyone loves discounts.

Many bands are using fundraising cards in order to go to different events or to get new uniforms. Everyone including the buyers love to use fundraising cards and get a discount.

Plastic Fundraising Card Applications

  • Sports Boosters
  • Band Boosters
  • Church Fundraiser
  • Non-Profit Community programs
  • Boys & Girls Scouts
  • School Fundraiser

Fundraising Cards:

  • 30 mil thickness
  • printed two sided
  • can add additional features (magnetic strip, scratch-off panel, signature panel, barcode, and variable data)

The Bottom Line is Our Plastic Fundraising Cards Work!

Creative Card Group’s Fundraising Cards provide a WIN-WIN-WIN, for everyone. Plastic Fundraiser Cards are easily sold, happily purchased and appreciated by those sponsoring the discounts. Store owner’s that participate find a healthy return in business as the patrons use the Fundraiser Cards throughout the community boosting the likelihood of returned visits, loyalty and increasing sales.

If you would l like to upload multiple designs for one order please be sure all fronts are in one file and all backs in another file. You will also need to indicate in the comment section how many of each design you would like.


We ordered 500 fundraiser cards our first year, we ran out and re-order 1,000 more, just to run out again. The fundraiser cards practically sell themselves, our students sell the fundraising cards the community events and at home games with little effort. The Fund Raiser Card is the best program our organization has ever been involved with. The Plastic fundraiser cards costs are low and the returns are enormously higher than any other products or services we have done in the past.” – Senior Class President, Rockville High School

Common Questions when purchasing Fundraiser Cards

Q: What do most Fundraiser Cards look like?
A: Most Fundraiser Cards are custom full color printed cards with many of the business’s logos and discount offerings that your organization receives permission to advertise with the sale of the Fundraiser Card. It is not uncommon to sell the discount cards in a program that is custom created for your organization. We print your program, affix the Fundraiser Card into the book and shrink wrap them for you so you can distribute them at games, events or where ever you want to sell your fundraiser.

Q: What else are Fundraising Card customers ordering?

A: Fundraising Card customers often order special packaging and assembly of their cards into additional products such as brochures, programs, and newsletters. Some customers even do a bulk mail order program to distribute their plastic cards to those that sign up for their annual donation to the organization. Everything we manufacture can be customized to fit your needs including the packaging that can include multiple components such as: customized plastic sleeves, card boxes and card carriers. Creative Card Group can provide you with whatever your needs might be.

Standard turn time is 5-7 business days.
Some options may require additonal time.
Rush options are available for some styles.