ID Cards

ID Cards

Available Options

  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Variable Pin or Barcode
  • Finish: Gloss or Matte
  • Scratch-off Panel
  • Signature Panel
  • Magnetic Strip: Hi-Co or Low-Co
  • Human Readable Numbers or Not
  • Hole or Slot Punch

ID Cards are our specialty. Creative Card Group provides quality identification cards that are durable, clear to read, and affordable.

Educational facilities use our cards for students, employees, and their guests, keeping their facility secure. Our ID Cards are capable of including any of the features you want which include people’s name, ID number and any other special information you would like.

We produce full-color, photo-quality cards that can incorporate electronic control features making the ID impossible to copy. Our high printing standards can include watermarks and other security features that will allow you to maintain complete control over fraudulent ID Cards.

Creative Card Group can help you produce any type of ID card that you are looking for. We strive to make our customers happy and that starts with making sure your ID cards are made extactly how you want.

Our Identification Cards are Used as…

  • Police Department ID Badges
  • Corporation ID and Access Cards
  • Medical Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Membership ID Cards
  • ID Badges

Keep your facility secure, our ID Cards have the ability to add the features that can reduce the risk from those that don’t belong and can cause risk.

The uses are limitless. You can provide easy low-cost, unique ID Cards to your organization with minimal efforts. Just provide the information you would like to see on the cards in a spread sheet and we’ll build your cards with the features you need to optimize your organization.

Let Creative Card Group make your organization’s facility more secure with our high quality ID badges. ID badges can reduce the risk of your facility becoming breached.

ID Cards:

  • 30 mil thickness
  • printed two sided
  • additional options (signature panel, embossing, scratch off panel, barcode, variable data, numbering, personalization, and magnetic strip)

If you would l like to upload multiple designs for one order please be sure all fronts are in one file and all backs in another file. You will also need to indicate in the comment section how many of each design you would like.

“All of my employees use their ID card as a facility access card, a time clock card as well as their production signature to report their production on a job task they are assigned to.” – Anonymous

Common Questions When Purchasing Identification Cards

Q: What do most ID Cards look like? A: Most ID cards are custom, full-color printed cards with the features necessary to make the cards functional throughout the organization. Most ID badges are full-color or gray-scale and they incorporate an ID photo, name, ID badge number, barcode or magnetic stripe, and sometimes an electrical contact point to access information and credentials for the card holder.

Q: What else are ID Card customers ordering? A: ID Card customers often order lanyards and ID badge clips to maintain ease of use of the ID badges. Creative Card Group can also print custom logos on to retractable badge clips with our two color pad printer.

Standard turn time is 5-7 business days.
Some options may require additonal time.
Rush options are available for some styles.