Medical Cards

Medical Cards

Available Options

  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Variable Pin or Barcode
  • Finish: Gloss or Matte
  • Scratch-off Panel
  • Signature Panel
  • Magnetic Strip: Hi-Co or Low-Co
  • Human Readable Numbers or Not
  • Hole or Slot Punch

Today’s Medical Cards are a basic radio-frequency identification (RFID) smart card. These cards have the ability to be located by emergency response unit’s special equipment that helps them identify the card holders medical information. The medical information is monitored through a special network allowing for fast and proper care for anyone that is unable to communicate with rescuers.

The RFID Medical Card is the fastest and safest way in alerting medical responders to any unique health conditions. These RFID smart cards or Medical Cards are great for patients with Alzheimer’s, anyone taking multiple drugs or who have multiple drug allergies. These plastic Medical Cards act as a safety device when things matter most and you’re unable to communicate.

Medical Card:

  • 30 mil thickness
  • printed two sided
  • additional features (personalization, RFID chip, numbering, and signature panel)

If you would like to upload multiple designs for one order please be sure all fronts are in one file and all backs in another file. You will also need to indicate in the comment section how many of each design you would like.

Standard turn time is 5-7 business days.
Some options may require additonal time.
Rush options are available for some styles.